Some see a massage as the ultimate indulgence. The relaxation you can experience while on the massage therapists table is unrivaled. For this reason, massage is a very popular thing for people to treat themselves with, or as a gift given by others.

asdwsdxscThe relaxing effects of massage are undeniable, but there are also some health benefits that you can expect from the wide array of massage techniques out there. It isn’t often that something that feels so good is also healthy for you!

Styles of massage

Different styles of massage offer different benefits, and it can be hard to choose which one will work best for you. Short of trying them all, this means that you need to do some research before you go to see a masseuse. Below, just a few varieties of massage that you can find at any reputable massage parlor are explained for you.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is one of the most relaxing options available to you. The technique used incorporates long slow strokes across your body. As well as being very relaxing and a real treat, Swedish Massage offers some key health benefits. The primary benefit you can expect is in your muscles. Swedish massage is good for relieving knots and tightness. In addition to this, it can also be used as a treatment for muscle pain.

Deep tissue massage

Unlike Swedish massage, deep tissue massage is much more focused, using significantly more pressure on certain points of your body. If you can handle this pressure, or even enjoy a more firm touch, this could well be the best way to cure your deep-seated aches and pains. Deep tissue massage techniques have been designed to specifically relieve muscle tension that has built up as a result of stress.

Hot stone massage

xsaccvdfHot stone massage offers exactly what the name would suggest. Heated stones are placed at strategic points on your body to help soothe tired and stressed muscles. This is one of the ultimate indulgences and is truly a memorable experience. It is much less intense than a deep tissue massage, or even a Swedish massage, which means it may not be suitable for severe pain.

Sports massage

Sports massage encompasses a range of techniques designed to help anyone who is active or sporty. This style of massage is not just for professional athletes. Just about anyone who is active, even if it just for fitness, can benefit from a sports massage.

As you are probably aware, taking part in sport or other physical activities can cause aches, sprains and muscle fatigue. Sports massage can be used both pre and post activity to ensure that you reduce any pain and the chances of serious injury in the long term. Some massage therapists can even be contracted to attend sports events with your team, which is great for immediate intervention.