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  • Information On Ergonomics
    Information On Ergonomics
    Ergonomics is a science


Information On Ergonomics

Ergonomics is a science. It is the science that designs another job in order for it to work properly according to natural laws. Ergonomics help to get the right equipment for every job and the right way to do the job. It is based on thorough knowledge of how the body works and ability to evaluate the work environment and create the best possible alternative. It is a necessary procedure in order to prevent injuries and make the workplace a safe environment that doesn’t pose any risks.


wsdfxcErgonomics science is not new, but today it has spread into many aspects of the human life. There are three main categories. The first one is physical ergonomics that are focused on the physical aspects of the human body. This means that it evaluates the workplace that people use to do a specific job so that they can do it without developing health problems. The second category is the cognitive ergonomics. This has to do with jobs that require the use of mental skills. Skills like memory, perception, and ability to analyze things or to summarize things and in general all the abilities of the human mind are included. The jobs that can use this part are jobs that have to do with the way the human mind interacts with machinery or jobs that require mental skills. The third category is organizational ergonomics. This is the part where ergonomics are used in technical systems looking for ways to provide better assistance.

Ergonomics science was known in ancient Greece

It is not a new science although in our days it has been greatly developed. Applications can theoretically cover all the jobs. It is used in airplane design, in health care, transportation and much more. However, any job can benefit from an ergonomic design. For example, a job at an office.

Let’s take for example someone that works at an office as this is a job most people do. The ergonomics science will first examine the workplace, then the work that has to be done and the person that will do it. This way you can adjust the keyboard of your computer so that if you work many hours you won’t get any wrist problems. You can adjust your chair so that your feet rest on the floor. You can place the screen of the computer to the correct distance so that your eyes feel rested. You can also learn to keep the things you use close to you so that your body doesn’t stretch to reach them.

Ergonomics can help in any job

wsdfxcYou can learn all the things mentioned above if you are working at an office, you can learn how to lift heavy objects if you are working at a factory or doing other types of work and mainly you can benefit for any job you will be doing.


Heart Disease And Its Prevention

Heart disease can be caused by some factors and even though you may think that you are not at risk because you watch your diet and exercise you can be very surprised if you randomly checked your cholesterol

How to prevent heart disease

xacsdfIt is not enough to just exercise and eat right, but it is as important to control and examine your cholesterol levels as well. Being fit and in shape does not have much to do with cholesterol as it is not calculated by weight (even though most overweight people will suffer from high cholesterol) but by the level that is present in your blood. Preventing heart disease should start as early as possible, and that is the reason the parents should be well informed to make the children lead more active lives.

What causes heart disease?

Every year, more than a million people in the United States alone suffer from a heart attack, a stroke or cardiac arrest. Studies have shown that half of those patients will die within an hour after the first symptoms start showing and on the way to the hospital.

Heart diseases are the result of many things. These include diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, drinking and being overweight. If people do not make some lifestyle changes, the chances of this happening are much higher as the person gets older.

Preventing heart disease is easy and it can become a habit if you understand its importance and necessity. There are situations where a doctor’s prescription is needed in order to get the right drugs and diet plan directions. However, there are also simple practices which will help you greatly in preventing heart disease. Let us explore these together:

qwsdfasdExercising and eating right is probably something you have heard of more than a few times. However, few really follow it and even fewer understand what is right for them. Every single one of us is unique and what diet pattern may work for some, may not work for another at all. This is the reason you must understand your body first before you start any diet or follow any advice. The only thing that is applicable to all equally is to read labels carefully and try to stir away from trans and saturated.

Helpful tip

Preventing heart disease can be done right from the comfort of your home by following the right diet for you, exercising daily and controlling your alcohol consumption. It is also important that you check and control your cholesterol levels no matter how fit you may be.